What You Need to Know About Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor and his band of Tea Party followers almost caused the United States to default on our debt for the first time in history.

Eric Cantor has led Republican extremists in a war on older Americans: He plans to take away Medicare and substitute a voucher system and cut Medicaid back so far that it could not be there to provide nursing care at the end of life.

Eric Cantor never saw a war he didn’t favor, yet the same Eric Cantor invokes the excuse of budget discipline to justify voting against promised benefits for veterans.

Eric Cantor and his big money interests have ruined our political system and put America up for sale.

Eric Cantor continues to do the bidding of Wall Street billionaires, and fights needed regulations to restore confidence to our markets. Wall Street gives Cantor the biggest pot of money by far among business groups.

Eric Cantor bets against his own Treasury bill—the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives is shorting America.

Eric Cantor is exposing our families to dangerous chemicals and weakening laws to give us clean and safe drinking water. The House Majority has overseen more than 300 measures to gut health and safety measures.

But what distinguishes Eric Cantor as the most dangerous Member of Congress is that he is not a meek follower, but the leader of this assault on the American way of life.

Eric Cantor is the most dangerous man in Congress because as Majority Leader he has the power to enforce and implement his extreme positions even to the point of causing U.S. Treasury bonds to be downgraded.

Eric Cantor: He’s what’s wrong with Congress: