Working Against Veterans

Working Against Veterans

Eric Cantor opposes benefits for returning veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When brave soldiers return he opposes adequate health care and benefits for them.

In an October 1, 2012, debate with Virginia District 7 challenger Wayne Powell, Mr. Powell asked Mr. Cantor this question:

“…you voted to continue paying members of Congress, including yourself, in the event of a shutdown, at the same time you voted against a bill that would have ensured that members of the Armed forces would continue to get paid. My quesiton is this, Eric: How could you in good conscience, vote to continue your own pay, but at the same time vote to stop paying our service men and women that you voted to send into combat in Afghanistan?”

Mr. Cantor declined to answer the question.

In 2011, House Republicans voted to eliminate $75 million from the program that provides assistance to homeless veterans. (Source: H.R. 1, Vote #147, 02/19/11.)