Working to Cause Gridlock in Congress

Working to Cause Gridlock in Congress

In poll after poll, the American people say they want Congress to work together to solve problems. Polls also show that the public gives Congress highly unfavorable ratings.

More than anyone in the U.S. House of Representatives, Eric Cantor is to blame for the current Congressional gridlock.

As Majority Leader, Eric Cantor is the man with power. He can make things happen, but when he does make things happen in the House, what emerge are measures so extreme that they will not become law. Eric Cantor leads the way in blocking cooperation among Republicans and Democrats to solve problems. As Majority Leader he is to blame for tying things in knots rather than in furthering bipartisan solutions. His extreme positions polarize Congress. His actions on the debt ceiling are a prime example.

From the blog Blogcritics Politics, author Tommy Mack provides this summary of Eric Cantor’s accomplishments:

Here is the short version of the 112th Congress’ numbers for their 2011 agenda:

  • 14 Votes to repeal patient health care protections
  • 10 Anti-Consumer votes
  • 7 Votes to keep unnecessary subsidies for Big Oil companies
  • 4 Votes to restrict women’s access to health care
  • 3 Votes to end Medicare
  • 3 Votes to roll back workers’ rights
  • 0 Comprehensive jobs bills


Cantor deserves the title: Mr. Gridlock.